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  • Smart music flowerpot - Give you a different life to enjoy!

    Music flowerpot it isn't a simple flowerpot as usual, it has many functions in one for example playing like a piano, colorful LED light, bluetooth speaker. It can help you to relieve stress, light up your night, sing a song for you when you feel lonely, it will become your best companion for your work and daily life.

  • 2017 September New arrival swivel usb flash drive with doming epoxy logo

    2017 new arrival twist usb drive - round and square 2 shapes for your option. Logo is sticked with epoxy doming. Case color can be custom as pantone or choose available colors. It is used in UDP chip, so body is thinner and smaller. USB connector is push and pull, when don't use it, you can twist it inside. Epoxy doming logo never fade printed with high quality no matter solid colors or gradual colors. Touch it you will have a nice feeling. At the rear side you can attach a keychain or lanyard.

  • 360° Advertising Light Box Power Bank

    The Powerbank "Light Box" works like its name: it glows 360° on all sides. Use this effect and print the inside with your company color and your logo and the Powerbank is already illuminated by your customers in your colors. The effect is particularly impressive in dark rooms.

    The printable printing surface can be printed on the full surface in digital printing. Not only your logo, but also a picture or a graphic can be found on the Powerbank.

  • New Arrival! Outdoor Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

    It is a 2017 new arrival outdoor mini portable wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker, it can support MicroSD card, Mic is built in.

    Mini body with a carabiner attached on your bag is great for outdoors time.

    Waterproof function even if you are having a shower, also can enjoy it freely.

    5W speaker will give you much better quality stereo experience. Most of the popular waterproof speakers just have 3W speaker.

    Bottom it has suction cup function, makes your hands free.

  • Amazing! Mini Power Bank for Emergency Use comes to the market!

    Some people maybe think normal power bank is a bit heavier and bigger, not convenient to take it along every day. But sometimes it is really necessary when power off. Is there any smaller and more portable power bank for emergency use? Of course, it comes to the market now! With a slim body its weight is only 24g, the most important it has 2 in 1 connector - Lightning and MicroUSB. So no matter you charge iphone or Android, it is workable on both. Is it amazing? Order right now!

  • Are you looking for a fast charging power bank with high capacity?

    M-43 is a high capacity 10000mAh power bank with stylish fashional design, the power bank battery charger it has below features:
    1. ABS + high quality electroplate finish
    2. 5 colors for your option: diamond white, charming black, gemstone blue, luxury gold and rose gold
    3. Dual-usb output and fast charge: Input is 5V 2.1A; output is 5V 1A/2.1A.
    4. Digital display: show you battery power at any time
    5. With torch
    6. Multi-safety protection

  • How about Good-Looking Mini Bluetooth Speaker with PU Leather Lanyard?

    R-15 is a unique design bluetooth speaker. Drum shape round mini body with wood + 4 colors electroplating option + PU leather lanyard it must be a high end speaker in bluetooth speaker category. It can support MicroSD card max. 32GB. Colorful housing can be imprinted with your logo or slogan. Available 4 colors for your option: black, silver, grey, rose gold. We are glad to create a proof for you.

  • CUW Promotions - 2017 National Day & Mid-Autumn Day Holiday Schedule

    CUW Promotions - 2017 National Day & Mid-Autumn Day Holiday Schedule

  • Shenzhen comes in Autumn and ends hot weather!

    Even if autumn has started, but in Shenzhen we are still in Summer. Every day temperature is more than 30℃. This weekend a typhoon named "KHANUN" is landing, hot weather ends. We start autumn!

  • How to choose an eco-friendly bluetooth speaker?

    It is a noble square bluetooth speaker with original unique design. It is made of natural wood. Mini body with a lanyard is more portable. Touch buttons make it upmarket. It must be a new trending.

  • All in 1 Charging Cable With Customized Glow LED Logo

    All in 1 Charging Cable With Customized Glow LED Logo it has below features:
    1. all connectors in 1 cable, easy to use and handle;
    2. with keyring hole, attach on your bag easily
    3. special logo solution, customized glow LED
    4. different colors of cables to match your CI

  • Happy Halloween! Celebrate it with customized bluetooth speaker!

    Let us celebrate Halloween with creative pumpkin bluetooth speaker! It is so cute design with different colors, nice bass sound you will enjoy a different Halloween!

  • 2017 Trending - Qi Wireless Power Bank Charger comes to the market for your iPhone X!

    With the introduction of the iPhoneX, mobile wireless charging technology can be considered fully rolled out. It is foreseeable that next year or in the near future, when new mobile phones are released, wireless charging technology will become the standard for smartphone.

  • How to get a combined power bank + bluetooth speaker 2 in 1?

    We'd like to share our private design product with every client: combined power bank + bluetooth speaker 2 in 1, 4000mAh battery with good bass bluetooth speaker you will enjoy a different life! Outdoor, in office, at home anywhere no power off! Power bank battery can play 30 hours, also you can use to charge your mobile etc. Especially dustproof, shockproof, waterproof features the peripheral is made of silicone, if it falls into the water by accidentally, we can put it out immediately and use.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Day to our customers!

    It is Thanksgiving Day again upon a year. CUW We'd like to express our appreciation and greetings to all of our clients!

  • How to choose a useful Christmas gift for clients and good for our marketing?

    Christmas is coming soon, are you ready to prepare a Christmas gift for your clients? Are you headache to choose which gift you need to present?

  • USB drive's speed is as far as SSD!

    Combines the speed, capacity and reliability advantages of SSD with the portable form factor of a small usb flash drive

  • Latest Design! 3 in 1 connector Power Bank Charger comes to the market!

    Latest private design power bank charger comes to the market! 3 in 1 connector supports type-C, iPhone 5/6, Android. 2000/2200/2600/3000mAh for your option, charging cable also has data transmission function.

  • Express Delivery Time because of Christmas Hot Season

    Every year when there is big holiday especially Christmas, express delivery will need longer time than usual.

  • How about technology trending in 2018? It must be wireless charging!

    Wireless charging will be a technology trending in 2018, our wireless chargers are coming to change your life, let us start new era together from now on!

  • Merry Christmas and Christmas History!

    To let you know the Christmas history.

  • New Year New CUW!

    Wish all of our clients, friends Happy New Year 2018!

  • Are you looking for a gift for your brand marketing? Come in pls!

    Are you looking for a gift for your brand marketing? Don't know how to choose in the gift sea, and want acceptable price, novel but practical, show your brand every day, CUW will help you to solve it! Come in and let us find the answer!

  • How to use a wireless power bank charger?

    Now wireless charging has come and changed our life quietly, even if now only some high-end mobile phones can support wireless charging, but it will be a trending in future. Like touch screen mobiles phone, before it is also reachless, but now 99% people are using. Some people will ask how to use a wireless power bank charger? Now follow us to see how it work :-)

  • Customized PVC Wireless Charger in your LOGO shape!

    Hey guys! Want to have a wireless charger but refuse common design? Now customized shape Qi wireless charger in pvc comes to the market! Custom in your LOGO shape and be unique, ideal gift for your brand marketing, Order with us today!

  • CUW CNY Holiday Schedule

    Time is going so fast, January 2018 will be over soon, it is time to our Chinese New year again, at this time all companies will close in Shenzhen, most of people will go back hometown. How long will CUW close?

  • Super Moon + Blue Moon + Red Moon 152 years one time! Our usb moon is waiting for you!

    This month's total solar eclipse is spectacular. Last time it was 152 years ago! You know, 152 years of miracle is not to be missed! But our usb moon you can get it now! No need wait 152 years! Keep the special moon in your memory!

  • Card USB Drive - Ideal promotional gift for your brand marketing!

    Currently most of usb drives are used as promotional gift, due to usb's charactor can preload data / catalog / video etc., good for advertisement. In usb drive family card style is the highly recommanded model, because of large printing field and ultra thin size. There are many different shapes, sizes and materials for your option.

  • Lipstick usb drive - best gift for Women's Day!

  • 3.15 World Consumer Rights Day - No Fake in CUW 365 days!

  • CUW Promotions - Creative USB Design

    Some clients would like to create their own design and they are not good at usb design, it is a headache problem in front of them. Don't worry! CUW Promotions will solve it for you! We have professional design team and you can solve all here one stop! Different materials including pvc, metal, plastic etc. Tell us your idea or send us image, we will create it into a usb stick.

  • 100% Custom Paper Webkey for your Advertisement

    Any usb model can make into webkey, to give users a new form of presentation we recommand a offset printing paper card in any size and shape. Paper is variable material, not like plastic or metal once the mould is produced, the shape will be fixed, to create a new mould cost is expensive. But for paper it can satisfy your creation, size and shape are free to custom.

  • Why do we have Easter eggs and the Easter bunny?

  • Amazing! Wireless Charger & Mouse Pad 2 in 1

  • CUW Team Spring Tour to Cambodia

    For Labor Day and weekend there are total 4 days public holiday, how to spend it? Our company CUW provides us extral benefits - Spring Tour to Cambodia 6 days. Wow, all guys are excited so much. As you know Angkor Wat is one of the seven wonders of the world, known as the national treasure of Cambodia, it is the largest temple in the world and the oldest Khmer architecture in the world. It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Follow us to see the wonderful tour!